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Saskatoon dentists committed to providing exceptional dental care.

Trips to the dentist should be stress-free. We ensure your comfort and safety when you or your family visit our dental clinic.


General Dentistry and Emergency Dental Services


Click to call us today: 306.978.0050

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    Welcome to Willowgrove Dental!

    Your Friendly Dental Clinic in Saskatoon

    At Willowgrove Dental our team of dentists and dental hygienists are dedicated to providing you the best dental care possible using the latest technology and dentistry devices. We strive to make you feel comfortable, informed, and relaxed when visiting our dentist office. Each exam room is equipped with a TV for patients to enjoy while receiving care. Our dental clinic is based on a philosophy that respects patients and provides tailored dentistry to your individual oral health goals. Stop by today to see why your teeth and smile will love our friendly team of dentists and hygienists!

    Dental Care Services

    We are proud to provide general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, restorative dentistry, preventive care, and emergency dental care to the local community in East Saskatoon.


     Root canal




     Tooth whitening

     Invisalign braces

     Oral surgery

    Additional dental services include: check-ups, wisdom teeth removal, crown and bridge, teeth cleaning, porcelain veneers, tooth filling, tooth extraction, dentures, metal braces, broken teeth, cracked tooth, chipped tooth repair, and more.

    More Services

    Willowgrove Dental is Now Accepting New Patients

    Our clinic is currently accepting new patients that includes adults, seniors, teens, and children. Call us today to book an appointment at our Saskatoon dental clinic.

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    Family Dentist in Saskatoon

    Visiting the family dentist doesn’t need to be a frightening experience, which is why we take great care in making our younger patients feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible. For families we aim to make going to the dentist fun again by offering a play area for kids, teens, and young adults. The play area has it's own TV, games, and activities to keep children entertained. Simply put, our state of the art dental practice was designed with you and your family dentistry needs in mind.

    Dentist Near Me

    Experienced And Friendly Dentists


    Our top rated dentistry team has over 50 years combined experience with Dr. Damara Rayner, Dr. Shaun Brakstad, Dr. Sara Rayner, Dr. Brendon Reynaud, and Dr. Kyle Diakow leading the way as University of Saskatchewan, College of Dentistry alumni. Our team of medical professionals provide a variety of general dentistry and emergency dental services to meet your oral health care goals. Let our friendly team of dentists help and support you in attaining your best smile yet!

    Meet Our Dentists