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Sleep Apnea FAQ

My wife says my snoring is terrible. Is there anything I can do to help her get a good night’s rest?


You know snoring is very prevalent today for many reasons ranging from increased weight to allergies. Regardless of what the cause, the fact remains that snoring is never appreciated by those around it! Snoring is actually the result of a decreased airspace and even flow of oxygen inhalation and expulsion. Maintaining the airway is crucial in airflow exchange and critical to our health. With the use of appliance therapy such as snore guards and the like, we can minimize the amount of snoring that occurs, thus giving you and your spouse a better night’s sleep. Call for your consultation today and get that good night’s sleep you deserve!

I was told I have sleep apnea. Can you help me with that?


Sleep apnea is a very serious condition leading to further medical complications ranging from diabetes to hypertension. That critical exchange of oxygen that our bodies need is impeded and the results are staggering as to the amount of people affected. Using advanced techniques and diagnosis, we can now predictably assist with sleep apnea and also determine which professional to see in the process of treatment. Sometimes appliance therapy will assist, while CPAP assistance is needed in other situations. Regardless, we can help in determining who to see and how to help. Don’t let another day slip away. Call for your consultation today!

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